Zoobomb Public Art Unveiling 

May 29, 2009 by: Hindi Iserhott

Zoobomb holds an event to dedicate the new  home for their “Pyle” of mini-bikes. The Zoobombers worked with Mayor Sam Adams (then Commissioner of Transportation), the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) and the Bureau of Transportation  through RACC’s Art on the Streets program. RACC’s Zoobomb Public Art Panel selected local artists Brian Borrello and Vanessa Renwick to collaborate with Zoobomb to create a sculpture that will include the mini-bikes.  Entitled “People’s Bike Library of Portland”  the sculpture will also provide a storage location for helmets and lights. New helmets have been donated to Zoobomb by Portland’s own Nutcase Helmets.  On Friday, May 29th, the public is invited to join Zoobomb at the existing pyle (SW 10th & Oak) at 4:00pm. At 5:00pm  the existing pyle  will be unlocked and “paraded” to the new sculpture at SW 13th & Stark. At 5:30 the sculpture will be dedicated. The event will feature a special dedication by Mayor Sam Adams, performances by bike dance teams The Sprockettes and Chain Reaction, and a free bike light give-away. For more information about Zoobomb, go to .

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