T-Horse @ ArtSpiritNow pt.2 

June 3, 2009 by: Michael Cook

“Would you like some?” I ask casually.

She gives me a look and I know she does. She really does. After chewing the soft fruit to its rine she attempts to hesitate to say what she is already planning on saying and leans over close.

So Saturday May 30th, Beloved presented their second installment of ArtSpiritNow, the art and music event that featured Mark Lakeman speaking about the art of placemaking, Jujuba, and many other amazing music performances. The event started around 8:00pm (6:00pm for us) and ended at 4:00am (6:00am for us) the next day. We kicked so much butt, and I must say that I have never seen the royal filly so beautiful. Lets show a bunch of pictures of the event Hit the more for an extended photo journey through the extensively magical night!


“Wow. Jeepers,  that’s a long time to be T-Horsing, Michael!”

“Damn straight, son”

Michael spits a wad of cud into the wind.

It was the finale to our 4 events in 3 days T-Horse Megathon. Some of us we’re T-horsing for 24hours straight. Some of us have T-Horse in our veins. I certainly have some T-Horse exhaust on my pants.

02 Her ability to make place is astonishing. Even the most decrepid parking lot is transformed into a magical habitat. When the T-Horse parks, its culture immediately leaks from all of its cracks until it saturates its surroundings. I felt so at home that night.

03 We need to get some battery array set up for the T-Horse, because having all those lights ornamenting her body was exquisite. I want to get her lanterns and paper fish and streamers and pinwheels and torches and and and… and so many things

04 Sitting inside the T-Horse is my happy place. Coming from a very small town in Iowa, the city and its nightlife is still a very frightening scene for me. But there, in her soft womb of pillows, chai aroma, and candle light, I feel protected and embraced. i actually spent the night in there on the 21st, it was so great. I love how those silly cross braces force everyone to duck and scrunch into the space when the come to recieve chai and how everyone always hits their head as they leave, even if I warn them. Its interesting to observe peoples spacial awareness (or lack thereof). Some people will walk backwards towards it and duck at all the right moments and some people will walk right towards it and hit their head every step of the way. It’s her way of increasing our awareness of place.

05 It may not have been raining or sun scorching, but the wing still gave us shelter. There was a very stark edge to the people inhabiting the space that cut off almost exactly where the wing ended. Well into the night there were a lot of people gathered underneath.

06 This is our widescreen HD TV! The TV you’ll ever watch! Thank yous to the beautiful dancers, the silly dressers, the laughing faces, and that wonderful tripping girl who molested my face with her hands in gratitude after I gave her a slice of cantaloupe.

“Would you like some?” I ask casually.

She gives me a look and I know she does. She really does. After chewing the soft fruit to its rine she attempts to hesitate to say what she is already planning on saying and leans over close.

“Im not going to touch your face”

She touches my face. No, she’s actually pulling something from my face, her fingers are pinching together as they break from the tip of my nose. With her eyes fixated on the extraction clenched in her grasp she starts to quiver her lips. Suddenly she thrusts forward returning everythig she took back into the boundries of my comfort zone.

“It’s all love now!” she declares and then watches her hand as it opens up to the sky.

Definitely the highlight of my night.

07 We had a great set up that night. Drinks in the horse and an amazing array of munchies, some donated by friends and bakeries, but mostly contributed by my super special lady friend, Rachel <3. Admittedly, most of the attendees per perma-munchie mode, but those peanutbutter energy orbs that she made sold like tucans in a horrorstorm…

08 My other favorite part of the night. And I thought stipper dancing was actually pretty cool. It an’t got S&*^ on hoola hoop dancing. Easily the most sensual and fascinating form of dance that Ive every made. It also produces killer photographs when the hoops are imbedded with colorful lights.

09 In the beginning, it was just some foxy girl in a stange white suit and maching blonde afro. But some brave and talented folks came up and gave the hoops a spin. This picture is of my new friend Kai, who did amazingly well for her fist attempt!

010 I spent the whole night being so happy, that I forgot about being tired. But after a 26 hour work play day I found myself having to retie the wings up three times. I tie that thing up in my sleep now.

The three of us left the weary dancers thwirling aimlessly in the hazy morning and walked into the streets of the city. In someways, the fatigue revealed new crevices of clarity. I felt very humble. We’re living in a dirty city. Im still scrubbing my feet at night. Im still not exactly sure why I tried so hard, why I stayed up so late to satiate these partyfolk. Im not out to prove anything to anyone, but Im certainly out to prove something to myself. I guess Im glad that you bystanders got to sip some chai in the processes.

Mocean said it well during his presentation. Maybe it’s already to0 late. Maybe all this work is futile and the end is unavoidably impending. But if the proverbiable feces does in fact hit the proverbial fan, do you want to be standing in dying world, alone in a cubicle inside of a cubicle inside of a bigger cubicle, or do you want to be standing in a dying world inside a circle of friends inside a circle of friends inside of a bigger circle of friends, clutching their sweaty hands and dancing with the dignity we were all born with.

Here’s to the royal filly and another splendid year of warm chai and warm hearts.

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  1. kirsten says:

    reading this just made me really, really, really, really, really happy. my housemate is dancing in the other room and it is the morning i am reading this magical post about the t-horse and it just sends my heart right up through the roof. thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, it makes me want to have some chai tea and meet a crowd of unique T-horse folk.

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