Earth Day 2011 Incorporated: We need YOU 

April 20, 2011 by: Michael Cook

April 23rd, 2011 10AM – 7PM

At The Washington High School (SE 12th & Stark) Field Portland, OR

The City Repair Project and the Buckman Neighborhood Association announce the 11th Annual Earth Day Celebration at Washington High School Field in Portland, OR. A Free Event!

The Circus is coming! Circus Cascadia will be here all day with games and activities.

Volunteer Meetings

  • Volunteer Sign Painting meeting Tuesday 4/19 from 4-8:00pm @ HARP 2926 NE Flanders.
  • Port-Mandala meeting this Wednesday 4/20 from 5-6:30pm @ HARP 2926 NE Flanders.

Earth Day 2011 PosterMusic Schedule


  • 10:45 AM Opening Annoucements + CR Welcome
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Medicine for the people
  • 15 mins (Performance/Speaker/Annoucements)
  • 12:15 – 1:15  SaraTone + The Earth Tribe Gospel
  • 20 min (Pacifc University ECO-THEATRE Show)
  • 1:35  -  2:35  Jesta
  • 20 mins (Port-Mandala)
  • 3:05 – 4:20 Loveness Wesa + the Bantus Band (headliner)
  • 15 min (Belly Dance act PURE)
  • 4:35 – 5:35 Outpost
  • (End Annoucements + CR thanks)


  • 11:30- Karyn Patridge
  • 12:00- The Student Loan
  • 12:30- The Student Loan
  • 1:00- Attica! Attica!
  • 1:30- Left Coast Country
  • 2:00- Bird Flying South
  • 2:30(-3:00) – NO MUSIC, Mandala time
  • 3:00- World’s Finest
  • 3:30- Poeina Suddarth
  • 4:00- Everyday Prophets
  • 4:30- Everyday Prophets
  • 5:00- Sam Cooper
  • 5:30- Lillian Soderman
  • 6:00- Cohen and Tory
  • 6:30- Monkey Puzzle


“Art changes people. People change the world.”

We Need YouThis epic living field painting will use recycled materials and living forms of humans (that’s you!) to spell out “We Need YOU” on the East Field.  At 2:30pm we will position everyone in place and take aerial photographs of this climactic moment of community incorporation!

This year’s Earth Day Celebration at Washington HS Field will feature:

  • *Over 100 sustainable and local businesses and organizations,
  • *A Kids Village
  • *One Main stage of live music, entertainment, Public Speakers and one acoustic stage
  • *FOOD and BEVERAGE vendors
  • *30ft Geodesic dome
  • *Interactive Tent with workshops and classes being help all day
  • *Mid day organized Human Mandala spelling “We Need YOU”
  • *Community Art Project(s)
  • *Community Service Project(s)
  • *2-5k public throughout the day

This year we will partner with Solamor Energy Solutions to have a 100% Carbon Neutral Event! We need you to do your part by biking to the event, bringing your own water bottle and using less! Check out the link for more information and measure your carbon footprint!

Booths: Booths are an educational smorgasbord for those in attendance at Earth Day and a great opportunity for public exposure for local sustainable businesses and non profit organizations working to make the world a better place.

Booth Registration is OPEN. Click here to learn more and Register

Booth Update 1/22/2011: Registration is open.

Notice: Registration prices will not be increasing as stated earlier, we have met our financial requirements and would like to keep your costs down and the flood gates OPEN! Cheers :)

Since 2000 City Repair has been hosting and organizing Earth Day in Portland. The City Repair Project, a non-profit grassroots organization that helps people reclaim their urban spaces to create community-oriented places, dedicates Earth Day to promoting local and sustainable efforts of organizations and businesses in the Portland area

Earth Day 2011!

April 23rd at Washington High School (SE 12th & Stark) Field

Incorporated: We need YOU!

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~Earth Day in Portland is an annual, daylong fun filled celebration that brings together groups and individuals to celebrate and communicate about our love of the earth and all that live upon it.~

Power the stage

This Year, Portland’s Earth Day 2011 Main Stage will be Solar & Wind Powered by “Solar REgards” Hybrid RE Trailer. Local Renewable Energy (RE) Application Designer & Solar REgards President; Thomas M. Ullmann, LME will also be bringing the latest commercially available “Solar Won” for the first public viewing! You ask what’s “Solar Won”? Come to this years Earth Day 2011, as the RE power flows to the main stage with these two RE Powerhouse Systems by Solar REgards.

For Rental or Sales Information, Contact Thomas @

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