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April 19, 2011 by: Michael Cook

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The Word is how you can stay informed about the many activities of our organization and the extended placemaking and community building network. We’re currently working on improving our system to give you greater specificity over the variety, frequency, and quantity of news that you want to receive. Sign up here to receive City Repair’s newsletter, and contact if you have any questions or if you want help.

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9 Responses to “The Word: City Repair’s Weekly Newsletter”
  1. colin thomas says:

    I have been exploring city repair over the last couple of days and I really like the movement. I plan to get started in my city (Caslegar BC) soon. Keep up the good work.

  2. kyla cox says:

    you have some odd word bits on this page- the newsletter sign up page. It says “buy viagra” in the first sentence.

  3. Gary Dangel says:


  4. The National Assoc. of Realtors started a Placemaking Initiative last year and we are no in the process of engaging our state and local Realtor associations in placemaking activities in their communities.

  5. Oscar Medina says:

    Please keep me informed with project information.

  6. Jeff Schneider says:

    Have started gardening 1 year ago. Went with sq ft gardening techniques because I was attracted to the efficiencies. As I have been learning, the middle of my second growinig season here in Michigan, I came across the concept of permaculture. That was an eye opener. I am intending to use this model to the best of my ability for next, my third season, and for all of the foreseeable seasons.

    This interest lead me to your site, just now, as it was mentioned by Toby Hemenway in a YouTube Video entitled Redesigning Civilization — with Permaculture posted in Jan of 2013 that I am watching now.

    I live in Flint Mi. If ever a city needed rebuilding, it is Flint. I would be interested in knowing the mechanics of opening a chapter in Flint.. if you have any information about the inner workings of your organization Be warned this may be whimsical. Usually when I latch on to something like this I become disillusioned with the inevitable politics that seem to rise in any good organization

    With that disclaimer fully in place, if you want send me something I would appreciate it, If no, I would understand.


  7. Ridhi D'Cruz says:

    Thanks! Yeah. We’ve been struggling with some malware. Slow, small steps towards a better website. Thanks so much for writing to us to warn us!

  8. Ridhi D'Cruz says:

    Please email us for more information. Thanks!

  9. Ridhi D'Cruz says:

    Did you have a question about the newsletter?

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