The City Repair Project is funded through many sources and mostly by the community at large.  All projects of City Repair are self-funded, which means we only need to raise money to cover our administrative costs, typically in the $30-$50K range each year.

Where the majority of our funds come from:


Our annual Halloween fundraiser / music event coordinated by City Repair member and local realtor, Eric Steindler.  See past event info here:

Placemaking Media Sales

As a fundraiser and a way to support projects in our greater community, we offer a Placemaking Guidebook and video describing our work.  See our placemaking resources here.

Grants and Foundations

Larson Legacy Foundation – We have been supported regularly in the past by the local Larson Legacy Foundation.

We apply for grants as our volunter board, council and members have time and interest.  We have received grants from the City of Portland and other outside organizations & foundations.


Each of City Repair’s projects (in addition to being self-funded) currently contribute 7% of their expenses to City Repair’s admin budget.

The City Repair Community

We receive solicited and unsolicited donations from people like you supporting our great work.  If you would like to donate your dollars, time or goods, please check out our donation page here.