Placemaking Resources

City Repair offers two great resources to help you reclaim public space and build community!

City Repair’s Placemaking Guidebook

Our best print resource for community-based projects such as Intersection Repair is called the Placemaking Guidebook. It includes physical examples, stories, techniques for community organizing and facilitation, and much more.


  • • How to paint an intersection, step-by-step
  • • Detailed methods for communicating with your neighborhood
  • • Sample agendas for meetings
  • • Personal stories
  • • Make your own block party
  • • Resources


Transforming Spaces Into Places (DVD)

This video (DVD) is a unique look into placemaking and citizen activation through intersection repair throughout Portland.  It equally inspires activists, community members and city officials about the process of recreating public gathering spaces and rebuilding community.  The video includes interviews with City Repair volunteers and co-founders, as well as commentary from several current and former Portland city commissioners.  The video runs 14min long and contains material not found in the 9min You-Tube version of the video.

How to Buy our Resources

We now offer online ordering of our Guidebook through Lulu! Click the Lulu icon below (Latest news as of Oct 2011: Lulu no longer produces/distributes DVD media — please contact us directly about a DVD until we come up with a new solution)

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