Village Building Convergence 14 Indiegogo!

Please check our current Indiegogo to support this year’s VBC! There will be much placemaking and community building to be had, please help us continue this great work. You can also support us by SHARING this far and wide!

Show your support

All of our amazing projects run on volunteer power. If you see one that you would like to be involved in, you are hugely welcome to help out… and we need you. If you see something we need, or a space that should be filled, please let us know and we will support you in helping make it happen!

Become a Friend of City Repair

As you no doubt already know, City Repair is already one of the leading organizations actively and creatively changing urban spaces into community-oriented places. Sustaining that work takes lots of energy…and lots of $$. Which is why we are calling on YOU to contribute to this transformation! Be the change you wish to see in this world. Think of it as “Change for Change.”

It’s pretty simple – first choose the “Payment Plan” button on the left of the page or the “Donate” button on the right. Either way, the magic of e-commerce will take over from there.


Or you could do it the old fashioned way – drop off cash or check at the office – or use the good old US Post Office.

What could be simpler or more rewarding?

As a grassroots organization, 85% of our funds come from the support of our friends. That’s why we are building the Friends of City Repair (FoCR) program, and why we are thanking YOU for your support! All donations are tax-deductible under our 501©3 federal tax-exempt status.

Your donation of $5, $25, $100, $500 or more will help us pay for things like:

  • Staff: (Office Coordinator, Bookkeeper)
  • Office rent
  • Utilities
  • Outreach supplies
  • Supplies for community design workshops

Donate your car

Got an old car you no longer use, Donate your Car!

City Repair Wish List

Our wish list includes such goodies as:

(UPDATED 8/11/09)

Office / Household Supplies:

  • Silverware
  • Clean carpets and pillows
  • Hand towels
  • Chai Spices and any tea
  • Water Pitcher
  • Stamps


  • LCD projector
  • Digital camera
  • Video camera


  • Office Space
  • Storage Space
  • Junker vehicles to be auctioned (cars, trucks, boats, RVs.)

We greatly appreciate your love and support!