Placemakers Academy

Recently, a City Repair project in NE Portland caused two neighbors to meet for the first time — and they had been living across the street from each other for 20 years! City Repair has been supporting neighbors and their projects for over ten years, and we frequently find that near neighbors do not even know each other’s names. This is born out by statistics nationwide.

Let’s face it — knowing your neighbor is becoming a lost art!

Placemakers Academy is a new project that aims to better empower the communities we work with by developing and sharing educational activities and models that further the understanding of human-scale placemaking. We want our knowledge to be active and community supported.

We are bringing what we learned out to the rest of the world. We’d love to work with you to get this started elsewhere.


What we do

* Educational tours of Placemaking Sites, by appointment

* Link student groups with volunteer opportunities

* Answer questions and offer support by e-mail to