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Placemaking Launch

  • Multiple SE sites (map)

On Sunday, September 9th we have a day of events to coincide with the placemaking application going live. The events' purpose is to explain the placemaking program's ins-and-outs, share food and time to get to know one-another, and setting intentions for being positive stewards of place. 

The day is broken into two parts. Between 11 am and 1:30 pm there will be two simultaneous workparties, where you can stay at one site or spread your time between both. This will demonstrate a couple of sites that have implemented natural building, ecological landscaping, and intersection repair. All tools will be provide and count on snacks!

Full workparty logistics further down, here are addresses:
Site 1: SE 30th and Clinton
Site 2: Se 19th and Division

At 1:30 pm we will start coming back together for lunch at the People's Food Co-op upstarirs community room. Address: 3029 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97202, which is within walking distance of the workparty sites.

Between 2 pm and 4 pm we will have an info session, staying in the People's community room, where we will discuss the ins-and-outs of our placemaking program, from the application, to community workshops, to installation.We will start in large group format and then have time before the end to address individual site questions. 
Workparty Site 1:
The Recess House: Rain Water Garden & Natural Building
* 11 am to 1:30 pm
* Location: 2735 SE 30 Ave, south of SE 30 & Clinton
* Walk through driveway, you cant miss the cob house!

This site will be building a rain water garden to compliment the cob house on site. Come help plant and see a wonderful example of cob! Natural Building Coordinator, Seed, will be one of the City Repair coordinators on site and can chat about any natural building questions and tour the cob structure. 

Seed's contact:
* 503 573 7602

Workparty Site 2:
The Avalon Sanctuary Permaculture Garden
* 11 am - 1:30 pm
* Se 19th and Division
* Walk through parking lot on west side of the New Seasons to find us.
* Look for the 30 ft hop pyramid!

The Avalon Sanctuary is an open community garden run as a collective. The site plays with various permaculture techniques like rain water harvesting, huglekultur, plant guilds, and coppice. 

Being a an open, or permeable space, brings access but also challenges. For this workparty we will be doing some basic maintenance but also redesigning the space to work with the challenges. The main being, how do we keep the space open as possible but reduce problems of neighbors of the garden being trespassed on with spaces being trashed and the danger of used needles being left - with a preschool being most sensitive to these problems. 

Come bring your ideas on how to bridge public space, dignity, and safety!

City Repair coordinator Kirk Rea will be on point for this site.

Kirk's contact:
* 307 287 0005