1732 N Blandena St




Joelle Budinich
503 548 8250



Years Installed

2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015


Attunement Center is an urban permaculture homestead guesthaus and eco village. We host  sustainably minded travelers with the intention of inspiring guests to take home new ideas and living practices from their experience here. The landscape is all edible or medicinal, complete with a flock of ten chickens and colony of honey bees. We are bringing the community together over topics of 'thrivelihood' by creating a space to get hands on experience; providing a central neighborhood learning place for gardening with perennials, medicinals, mycelium, chickens, bees, worms, composting, sheet mulching, natural building, water management, permaculture, food preservation and herbal medicine making. We will have a self guided map/tour available for participants to be able to check out the over 100 edibles currently on site! Come by and experience the last 3 years' VBC projects; chicken coop/greenhouse bioshelter w/ eco roof utilizing salvage materials & natural building elements, a flow form pond incorporating edible plants for filtration & overflow garden irrigation, and hugelkultured mandala food forest garden. This year’s theme/inspiration for Attunement is Cultivating Sacred Spaces. We will be focusing our energies on hardscaping & planting the medicine wheel garden + meditation space and squash teepee trellis, weaving wattle garden edging and creating nature alters around the gardens. The outdoor kitchen urbanite patio will also be completed in preparation for a barrel cob oven build workshop later this summer.