N Overlook Blvd & N Concord Ave & N Melrose Dr & N Failing St



Leslee Lewis



Years Painted

2012, 2014


This Intersection Repair is a fantastic reflection and expression of the history and present character of the community.
The huge intersection was transformed in 2012 with a gorgeous Street Graphic covering about 7,000 square feet. The transportation theme emerged at the neighborhood's first project potluck; the neighbor- hood ‘overlooks’ the Fremont Bridge and the east side train yards as well as Swan Island, site of Portland’s original airport and the shipyards (still operating) where Liberty Ships were built during WWII. Concord Ave. and Overlook Blvd. are the Neighborhood Greenway (aka Bike/Pedestrian Boulevard)! Natural elements: blueberries (from the long line of bushes on Overlook Blvd.), walnut branch (the neighborhood was a walnut orchard), raven (Raven Creamery was here), and Oregon Oak Leaf are all woven into the other images by the ‘roots’ coming from the Scarlett Oak at the intersection. Planter boxes were also put in to improve safety at the intersection. The project was so big that the City has needed extra time to approve the design. 180 community members came together to create a beautiful space. 
In 2014, the community put down a new coat of paint on both the intersection and planter boxes.