NE 88th Ave. & Sacramento St.




Victor Barreda Pazos



Years Installed



We are a group of neighbors, primarily kids, who are creating a community gathering place on a high foot-traffic corner in the Madison South neighborhood, below Rocky Butte. We are using permaculture to design a garden in which children can play and create among natural items. This will include a fairy garden, a pollinator-friendly garden bed with a mason bee home, loose natural materials, and a little library with a bench. The corner is becoming a magical place where children are empowered to follow their creative impulses to transform and re-imagine the space around them! During VBC, the corner will be transformed into a hub of information as professionals offer workshops that translate easily to permaculture DIY projects in neighbors' backyards. Blending work with play, which is what children naturally do, we will transform the space into something transformable, empowering the children of the neighborhood to realize their visions while gaining tools and new connections to nature. To mark the celebration, performers and artists will grace the space with their presence, however most activities will be hands-on. We strive to incorporate song, movement, healthy food and drink, art, and spontaneity into every gathering!