5850 NE Wygant Street




Xan Hamilton


Years Installed



Residents of the Cully Neighborhood came together in 2015 to build two multipurpose structures that beautify the community and serve as gathering places. The neighbors designed a couple of large planters; one to be filled with native plants, the other to house a lovely permaculture bed. These planters feature benches, offering a space for people to rest and appreciate the foliage and scents of surrounding flowers and herbs. One of these benches features a little free library, inviting passersby to further linger over books and engage with friends and neighbors.

These gorgeous multipurpose benches offer a public sanctuary on a lengthy block of Wygant street that currently has no sidewalks. Thanks to Home Depot's generous support for helping to make this happen! And, of course, thanks to City Repair for being instrumental in this effort. Without their guidance, skill and inspiration, none of this fantastic transformation would be occurring!

For information on this project's intersection repair component, please visit the following link: http://www.cityrepair.org/wygant-street-community-building/