Welcome our new intern, Kamron!

Say hello to Kamron, our newest intern working on our Pollinator Pathways Initiative!

Kamron is currently studying Community Development at Portland State University because his passion is in understanding how human society and the natural world meet and how to blend those two parts more seamlessly as well as how people use and create space.  

Growing up in a suburban town, he felt the disconnection between the natural world and home.  Seeing subdivisions cut into forests and wetlands made him wonder how could these two be more integrated rather than divided.  In high school, his dad helped him discover some of the healing properties of stinging nettle, Urtica dioica specifically for allergies. Since then he became fascinated with the connection plants and people.

Kamron grew up in the Portland area and enjoys being in the wilderness, hiking, camping, backpacking, running, and eating.  He has a background in ecological restoration and education.  Working with native plant species he realized the holistic qualities of these plants- restoring the health of the soil, water and air as well as providing food, shelter and medicine for animals including humans. Some of his experience includes working/volunteering in native plant nurseries, on various ecological restoration projects in the Portland area, maintained City of Portland swales, rider surveys with Trimet, and working on a trail crew.

He expects to further explore topics such as urban planning and design, land use, permaculture and ecology.  He can see himself working on projects where ecological restoration, urban planning, ethnobotany and permaculture meet, but ultimately the future is unknown. Tomorrow is a mystery!

Send him a hello by emailing climate@cityrepair.org.