Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some briefs for our summer projects. Besides supporting a few intersection paintings, City Repair is designing and building ephemeral placemaking, or tactical urbanist, installations. We’re looking for volunteers to help with the planning and capacity building (meetings + team designing) as well as the day of work such as installing, activating programming, and take down. For any interest please contact Kirk at so we can plug you in.

1. Oregon Walkways: Connect the Park Blocks
Aug 20th. Event runs 10 am to 4 pm plus build out and take down.

This event organized by Better Block PDX will shut down traffic downtown between the North and South Park Blocks to reimagine the space as being more geared toward foot traffic and community building structures. To support the initiative City Repair will design and build a structure that will support sustainability initiatives and community building programming. This may reflect work we’ve done at Earth Day Festivals in town.

NEEDS: 1) pre-event planners ASAP 2) day of building volunteers (save the date!)

THEMES: Tactical Urbanism, Community Building, Urban Design, Houseless Rights, Natural Building, Appropriate Tech

2. Oregon Walkways: Cully Camina
September 18th. Event 11:00am – 4:00pm plus build out and take down.

We are thrilled to team up with the Cully Neighborhood for Oregon Walkways: Cully Camina, the pilot in a new series of pedestrian-focused open streets events. Cully Camina, held Sunday, September 18th,, will encourage participants to explore the Cully neighborhood on foot and use the streets for play. City Repair will be designing and building natural-materials into beacons along the route and leading some activities.

NEEDS: 1) pre-event planners ASAP 2) day of building volunteers (save the date!)

THEMES: Tactical Urbanism, Community Building, Urban Design, Equity and Anti-Gentrification, Natural Building, Appropriate Tech

3. Permaculture Team - Pollinator Focus

We have a working team that supports getting our communities plant donations by both growing our own and asking for plant donations, while also offering permaculture consultations and aiding workparties. We are already looking ahead toward the next VBC, especially as we are proud to announce we received a grant from the Community Watershed Stewardship Program to develop pathways of stormwater managing and habitat building plantings. We will be doing outreach at events like Sunday Parkways (7/24, 8/21, 10/2) and will begin raising plants and modifying landscapes early autumn.

NEEDS: 1) team members for working group 2)tablers and activity leaders for outreach events

THEMES: Pollinator Habitat, Watershed, Permaculture, Group Work, Fundraising, Direct Community Service

4. New Headquarters Construction

We are currently moving into a new HQ at 1421 SE Division Street and will have have workparties on either Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the summer. We’ll confirm dates through newsletters, but also keep an eye on our Facebook Events or our website’s calendar. Work will include landscaping, office remodeling (carpet removal, wall demoing) and some supply moving. Our next workparties are this Thursday (7/7) from 5 pm to 8 pm with and Saturday (7/9) meals provided. Please RSVP to

THEMES: Retrofitting with Sustainable Practice, Permaculture, Construction

Besides just giving back to the community through your service, here's an option to gain benefit from volunteering through the PDX Time Bank:

PDX Time Bank is a community of members who share their services with one another. At its most basic level, time banking is simply about spending an hour doing something for somebody in your community. That hour goes into the Time Bank as a Time Dollar. Then you have a Time dollar to spend on having someone do something for you. Create an exciting relationship with your community, neighbors and friends! In the world of time-stressed schedules, the PDX Time Bank is an answer to nurturing a little more of what you love to do in exchange for what you don't know how, want, or have time to do -- created through the power of sharing the community wealth of talents. 

To join, go to and submit an application by clicking "become a member". Besides trading services individual to individual, organizations like City Repair can give time dollars to folks volunteers who provide services.