Placemaking Course for VBC 17

Join us for this exciting course catered to inspire both long term and newcomer village builders alike! CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT.

Based on the 20+ years of community-building experience with the City Repair Project under the guidance of ecological architect, Mark Lakeman, the course hones its successful approach to inspiring citizen-initiated community improvement and offers participants a condensed training on how to initiate both community projects and organize local Village Building Convergence events in your city.

This course will take place in four evenings during the internationally recognized Village Building Convergence (VBC) in Portland, Oregon (which runs June 2 - 11th). During the day, participants will have dozens of hands-on community site projects to choose from to attend and gain direct experience. These include natural building, permaculture, and community art installations. Participants will also have the option of participating in more days and evenings of VBC before and/or after the course.

We will explore topics like:

  • Principles of Placemaking and the origins of the City Repair Project & the VBC
  • How ecological and social design considerations intersect to strengthen sense of place 
  • Reclaiming the commons, and re-indigenizing our relationship to place
  • Recognizing public art, natural building and permaculture as effective community-building strategies
  • The Placemaking Process Template for successful community projects
  • Effecting poltical change at a local level
  • How City Repair's work can connect with allied organizations and movements, in Portland and beyond, in any place in the world.

Participants who complete the course will earn a 12-hour certificate of training in Urban Village Building Design from the City Repair Project.

Instructors Include:

  • Mark Lakeman, Founder of City Repair and Communitecture Architecture and Planning firm.
  • Marc Tobin, City Repair Executive Director
  • Ridhi D'Cruz, City Repair Associate Director
  • Priti Shah, City Repair Operations Director
  • Kirk Rea, City Repair Volunteer Coordinator
  • Matt Bibeau, City Repair Affiliate 

Cost: $160 for 4 evening sessions (Sunday June 4 - Wednesday June 7)

Costs includes 4 hearty vegetarian dinners. If you have specific food needs, check with us and we will do our best to accommodate (there will always be vegan and gluten-free options).

Additional Consulting Package: We are also offering additional customized consultations for individuals or groups for an additional $140. 

This package includes a 2-hour consultation for your project/organization scheduled with our Placemaking Team between Thursday June 8 and Sunday, June 11. 

If a group selects this, only one additional consulting package is needed for the group to attend, as long as the group is associated with the same project.